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Introducing Pam's first publication - A Mantel for All Seasons: Using Common Objects to Celebrate the Everyday! Be inspired to make monthly or seasonal changes to your mantel, bookcase or entry table. Learn how to assess your collections, tell your story and elevate your everyday objects to works of art. This idea book challenges you to celebrate every day by looking with renewed appreciation at what you already have.

Pam is proud to be able to share this book with you! If you are interested in purchasing, follow the link below.


Purchase Pam's Book »

"Pam has a keen sense for how to design on a dime. Her book is a beautiful guide on how to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary displays. If you are bored with your mantel décor, this book will provide inspiration on how to freshen up your mantel without having to look much further than your fingertips. Be prepared to "WOW" family and friends with your mantel masterpieces inspired by Pam."
~ Lisa Leonardi, The Room Doctor

"This book showcases the talents of Pam Hartz Miller. Pam has a way of creating or re-creating a space to make the homeowner fall in love with their home. Pam has offered her clients a special niche of making an ordinary mantel the lovely focal point of the room. This book is a wonderful and interesting piece for your coffee table or would make the PERFECT hostess or housewarming gift."
~ Janice Weinstein, owner of The Spirited Design

"Pam Hartz Miller's style of decorating has helped me to enjoy things that I have loved and cherished in my home but had never displayed. Thanks to Pam, I can decorate my mantel seasonally just by referring to pictures I have in my "Mantel in a Box" that she created. Her easy manner, practicality and creativity have made her a delight to work with over the years."
~ Sue Gatehouse, loyal customer


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