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Zentangle Gallery

White Tiles: 

 These are the traditional 3 1/2 inch Zentangle tiles 

Black Tiles: 

 Stunning designs can be achieved by using white Gelly Roll pens and shading with white charcoal pencils on black Zentangle tiles.

Renaissance Tiles:

A soft drawing technique harkening back to the Renaissance, uses black and brown ink with white charcoal highlights on a tan background.


The geometric flow and circular structure of a mandala is a natural fit with Zentangle. The two words were merged to become Zendalas.

ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art):

This term refers to Zentangle patterns that are drawn on any surface other than a

3 1/2 inch traditional tile with black ink. This is a chance to push the limits using colors and different sizes.


Opus Tiles:

Opus is one of the newest official Zentangle tiles - a huge 10 1/2 inches square. This allows for dramatic inkwork in large scale. Artwork of this size is also considered a ZIA.

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